Sales & Logistics Manager

What is your job role? How long have you been there?

Sales and logistics circa 2016 this was a good year. Not as good as what I imagine the 60s were mind... I basically tell Feg (Neil) what to do and tell Rob what we need to get Tom to do. It’s a lot of power for just one man to wield. I also am a master of beer name word play and am responsible for such classics as Tijuana Build a Snowman and ... others too, I promise. Man I need to stop living off that.

What’s the best and worst part of your role?

Best is the people obviously, and constant japery alongside endless witticisms and healthy debates which essentially means every now and then someone will put on a Spotify “Fart sounds“ playlist. Also being able to endlessly quote Alan Partridge all day.

The worst is definitely the squeak on the labelling machine. It once didn’t squeak and that was the greatest feeling known to humans. After labelling what feels like millions of cans this year I swear I hear it all the time.

What is your spirit animal and why?

I’d love to say a Wolf or a bear or something ferocious and epic like that but I’m probably a cat or a Labrador. Have always thought it’d be cool to be one of those dancing Red capped Manakins from the Planet Earth episode.

Favourite work Tunes?

Anything by All Them Witches although there was a period at the start of 2020 we played Twighlight Zone by Golden Earring none stop. We entered a time paradox and I’m not sure if we ever left.

Favourite beer style?

Session pales all day. I’m still a massive lightweight so need to play the long game when out drinking.

Quick fire round:

Cat or dog? Both
Cobra Kai or Miagi Do? Sorry I don’t watch Yu-Gi-O
Lost or Found? Lost in the woods but then you find a well stocked cabin or something
Red pill or blue pill? See Feg’s answer

Martin at Totally Brewed
Martin - logistically selling and managing
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