Deliveries & Direct Sales

What is your job role? How long have you been there?

Mainly just deliveries and working in tapped nowadays but historically I’ve just gone where I’m needed. I’m kind of like the old guy in breaking bad, or Denzel Washington in the equaliser, or Charles Bronson in death wish, or Nicolas Cage in any film he’s ever been in.

Definitely somewhere between two and five years. Dates are not my strong suit.

What’s the best and worst part of your role?

The best part of the job is dropping off beer and hearing ‘that’s the best delivery I’ve had this week!’ I hear it at least 10 times a week and I still smile every time.

The worst part of the job? I’m a little grumpy and find smiling this much cuts me to my very core. My inner goth is most offended every time. (This response has been heavily edited on account of the original being unprintable)

What is your spirit animal and why?

I don’t have a spirit animal on account of me being a fully grown man so let’s say... Dog.

Favourite work Tunes?

Anything with a good tune or interesting beat, ‘Wet Ass Pussy’ by Cardi B and ‘Niggers in Paris’ by Kanye West and Jay Z are among my favourites.

Favourite beer style?

I enjoy sweet imperial stouts but unfortunately they give me explosive diarrhoea so I tend to stick to red wine.

Quick fire round:

Tea or Coffee? Coffee
Cat or dog? Neither
Cobra Kai or Miagi Do? Whichever one Jayden Smith was in the original film.
Lost or Found? This question doesn’t make sense.
Red pill or blue pill? Red. My dick works fine.

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