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5L MiniKEG & MiniCASK


All our fantasic Totally Brewed beers under one roof!

"Ordered from totally brewed a couple of times now. Love your stout brews, delicious and
your delivery service is excellent.  Clear communications and  easy to use website. Choice of
beer is selective and different with good rotation of new flavours."

"Beers have all been really good. Communication is first class, always answer my questions
promptly when I’m trying to find out when your next mini kegs are available!"

"An excellent, reliable service. I am a real ale fan so being able to buy mini casks during
lockdown has certainly cheered me up. My favourite is the Guardian of the Forest. Thank
you for your efforts." 

The Totally Timeline


Totally brewed was born! We leased the unit next to our current premises, moved in the equipment with help from friends and family and started brewing! With a shit load of help from our friends at Magpie and Castle Rock we launched our first line up of beers in April. Luck, and copious amounts of beer prevented me a) realising what a fucking crazy idea this was, and b) just how much of a mountain we would have to climb with no safety net. This wasn’t a seat of your pants experience. Oh no, this was your pants giving way to a knicker elastic wedgy which ‘just’ holds as you swing, at speed, into oblivion… or until we reached our launch date and could actually sell our beer.


In January of this year, by some miracle (and a decent amount of hard work) we had started to outgrow our current unit. Our production levels had stepped up massively. We moved to our current larger premises next door. Won Castle Rock New Brewery of the Year, A SIBA reginal Gold for 4 Hopmen of the Apocalypse, and a bronze for Papa Jangles. We took part in our first Robin Hood Beer Festival (what a rush!) Thank Christ for the dogged perseverance of our knicker elastic eh? Must have been my M&S ones.


This year we won Castle Rock Brewery of the Year. Hooked up with great mates Black Iris Brewery for our own Robin Hood Beer Festival Tent, and we’ve teamed up every year since. We also brewed our 200th beer! ‘Furious George’. We opened Totally Tapped our tap house for the Christmas of this year… that was flippin mental! It was a reasonably quiet year workwise as by now my wife and I had a one year old and a new born…. One kid and a new business is a bit silly, two is like drilling your face off with a rusty cordless.


Totally Tapped opened officially in January of this year and has been grooving along nicely ever since. As our brew schedule picked up speed, we had our 300th brew this year too… Our first TIPA ‘All Aboard the Hype Train’ Literally every man and his gerbil were doing them back then. Shitty nappies were still strewn all over the landscape this year, so again, it was all about growing , but not going crazy.


We made our first dalliance into the tongue tingling world of the sour…. Never. Looked. Back. We also hit a milestone in producing our first ever canned beers. This was a bit of a life changing moment for us. For some its money, for others it’s love, for us its aluminium…


We got a new look! And I’m not talking Queer Eye for a Straight Guy here... I’m very happy with my signature ripped jeans and worn work tee. Makes me feel rugged. Anyway… we loved our old logo, but felt it didn’t represent who we had become over the years. So we got us a new sparkly one. We got our very own canning machine, we have a love hate relationship. We fight, it wins, I cry, we make up. It’s a simple, if a little traumatic relationship. We also celebrated our 5th birthday! No spiderman cake for us though, just a London Fog 500 yeast experiment… Rock. On. We wracked up the collabs this year too. The great guys from Dough Notts helped brew a salted caramel doughnut stout and used it in a load of their ‘nuts. We brewed with the mind boggling Cryptology, 6 Barrel Draught House, Notts Indie the awesome Brew Cavern to name but a few! It was a busy and exciting time.


Ah man, where do I start!? 2019 was our most successful year to date. We’ve grown year on year since we started way back in 2014. We were set to consolidate and grow….. 2020 has become a survival mission. It’s been the most stressful, crazy, frustrating shit show I think everyone has ever encountered. It’s also been filled with a whole lot of love, laughter (often delirious), furious ‘pivoting’ and recalibrating. We’ve been blessed with huge amounts of support from wonderful people near and far. If there is anything 2020 has taught us, its to keep going, no matter what. Keep going, stay humble and stay hopeful. Bring on 2021 bitches!


Soooooooo…. Love to say it was all sunshine and lollypops, but I think we all know that would be bollocks. 2021 will be forever remembered as the year of gradual recovery. Not quite the same shitshow as last year, but definitely up there! This year too sucked for just about everyone, but the thing that got us through was the support of our friends and family, the incredible loyalty and support of our customers, and hope. It wasn’t all bad by any means though! We welcomed new team members at Tapped and The Brewery, (although that did mean sadly saying goodbye to some truly awesome people!) Our new guys at Tapped (Sian, Charlie and Josh) were doing us proud and building a real community vibe there – you should check it out! Our New Sales Manager (Tom) at the Brewery was making a great impact on our visibility locally and further afield and we know next year we will be even stronger! By the end of the year we were grooving along pretty nicely, and that’s thanks to you guys! With what we know now…. 2022 is set to be epic!

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