About Us

Who are we?

We’re literally anyone who has ever wanted to work for themselves.

As a homebrewer, running my own brewery was truly a pipedream for a very long time, but with the right amount of blind hope, luck, determination and a s**t load more luck. Here we are!

We’ve been brewing beer here in Nottingham since 2014 and have grown in size from a team of 1 to a whopping 5 person operation in that time. We sell our beers all over the UK via on line sales and to trade businesses. Our beer names and can designs are the product of far too much screen time in my youth.

As a massive fan of counter culture I like a good cult reference as much as the next guy, and lucky for me, I get to think about this A LOT when coming up with beer names!

On this absolute rodeo of a ride, I’m joined by my wife Ginny, our production ‘team’ Tom, Martin in sales and Feg our delivery driver/tap staff. Max Rock completes the crew as our awesome label artist.

Find out more about the team.

About Totally Brewed Nottingham

Our aim

Our aim at Totally Brewed is to brew high quality, interesting, unpretentious beer. There is a lot of hype around in the craft beer scene which can sometimes make it a little intimidating. We are NOT that. We love great beer, but we want it to be accessible to everyone, whether it’s your first dalliance into the craft world, or you’re a seasoned gose connoisseur, we want you to find our beer interesting and enjoyable.

How we started

We started trading in 2014 having had a lot of assistance from the fantastic guys at Magpie Brewery. We launched our first core range at the Crafty Crow, Nottingham in September that year and things grew from there. The awesome Castle Rock Brewery purchased our first pallet of casks for which we will be forever grateful and we have grown as a business year on year since then.

But how did we get there?
When you like beer, I mean REALLY like beer, running a brewery seems like a great idea! It also seems like the stupidest undertaking ever at times! I was a homebrewer for 7 years and have a Masters in Microbiology so thought I had a decent understanding of what it took. It was winning a national homebrew award that really gave me the push and confidence to go pro! I’ve had more ‘what the f**k have I done?’ moments in the last 7 years than in the 30 I lived through before them, but I wouldn’t change a thing.

Setting up the brewery was a massive learning curve for us. It’s fair to say most of it was done flying, at speed, by our knicker elastic and at any point, things could have gone totally tits up…. One particular highlight was signing our highly expensive 5 year commercial premises contract 3 hours before the tank fabricator decided to pull out of the project. What good is a brewery with no brewing equipment!? That was a f*****g fun day! Amazingly though, very soon after, we stumbled across a whole brew kit ready for use which actually meant we could start production sooner. Bonus. Once trading, we quickly gained an Assistant Brewer, Mainly because my back is screwed and turns out, there is lots of heavy lifting at a brewery… who knew!? The rest of the team soon joined and we’ve been happily working in this set up for a good few years now.

It’s been a journey... but it’s been one hell of a ride and one I hope continues for a long time to come!

Hope you enjoy our beers! If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch!.

Our Brewery Tap in Beeston

We decided to open Totally Tapped in Beeston. Two reasons mainly… We thought it would be great to have a retail outlet for our own and other brewery’s beers. We pride ourselves on the stocking the highest quality beer with a huge range of cans, minikeg, 7 keg lines and 3 cask lines.

Also, we live really close, and it’s highly convenient to pick up a few cans for the evening on the way home! We’re very lucky that Beeston is a fantastic place to run a pub. We have some incredibly supportive regulars. We’ve run a number of events over the years including beer tasting (obviously!), screening the Superbowl, Impy nights and loads more.

We’re really looking forward to hosting many more in the coming months. You can find out what’s happening here on our News & Blog.

Opening Hours

Monday = Closed
Tuesday = Closed
Wednesday = 4.30pm - 11.00pm
Thursday = 4.30pm - 11.00pm
Friday = 2.30pm - 11.00pm
Saturday = 2.30pm - 11.00pm
Sunday = 2.30pm - 9.00pm

About Totally Tapped in Beeston
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