Your beer and delivery questions answered

Is your beer vegan friendly?

The vast majority of our beers are vegan as we never use finings. However some of our beer may contain lactose depending on the brewing process. If a beer isn’t vegan friendly this will be highlighted in the products ‘about’ section.

Is there a minimum order?

National delivery is free on orders over £40. On orders under £40 there is a charge of £7.50.
Local delivery is free on orders over £10.

Does Totally Brewed beer contain gluten?

Unfortunately, yes it does. We don’t yet have a gluten free line, but give us time, we’re working on it!

Are your minikegs recyclable?

Yes! They are a single use item, so don’t need to be returned to the brewery, however they are fully recyclable in your household waste.

How many pints are in a minikeg?

Our minikegs and miniCASKs are all 5ltr which translates to 8.8 pints.

What is the difference between your minikegs and miniCASKs?

Minikegs: Filled direct from a carbonated tank – much like a very large can! Super fresh, super fizzy and super chilled.
MiniCASK: Filled direct from a conditioned cask, so has less fizz and has a more traditional real ale flavour and feel.

What is real ale?

The CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) definition for ‘Real’ Ale is as follows:
Real ale is a natural (living) product brewed using traditional ingredients and left to mature in the cask from which it is served in the pub through a process called secondary fermentation. It is this process that makes real ale unique amongst beers and develops the wonderful tastes and aromas which processed beers can never provide.

Beer and Delivery FAQs
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