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Tell your friends about us and you'll get £5 when they first order and spend £20 or more. Your mate will get a 15% discount for using your referral link!

Who doesn't love getting a beer recommendation? As a small company we know marketing is a very important part of what we do. Instead of going commercial though, we wanted to share our marketing budget with the people who matter most to us. The people who buy our beer and know how great it is! We hope you can think of a few people to pass your link on to!

After your next purchase you'll receive your referral link. Send it to as many friends as you like who you think would enjoy our beers.

You're friend will get 15% off for making their first purchase through your link. You will receive £5 for every friend who makes their first purchase of £20 or more through your link!

Everyone's a winner!

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