Totally Boxed In - Mega Saving, Full Collection Box


Made by Totally Brewed

99.9% Customer Satifacton

We know we have a lot of beers to choose from, and we wanted to take the stress out of decision making for you by creating this box. Within we have our entire current range for you lovely people. Not only that its got a massive discount of 22.5% off our RRP! Get in!! 

So what do you get? 

1x Ostara 5.4%

2x Guardian of the Forest 3.8%

2x 4 Hopmen of the Apocalypse 5.2%

1x Slowmo Shoot Out 4.8%

1x SnoochieBoochies 5.6%

1x Where We're Going We Don't Need IPA's 6.5%

1x Papa Chocolate Orange 4.5%

1x Papa Caramel 4.5%

1x Grand Papa Peanut and Caramel 7%

1x Grand Papa Chocolate and Hazelnut 7%

Yes, thats 12 beers for £40!


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