Grand Papa Jangles, Peanut and Caramel Stout 7%


Made by Totally Brewed

99.9% Customer Satifacton

Grand Papa Jangles is supercharged Papa! And this time with peanut and caramel! With this export strength version we've still packed in 8, yes 8 different types of malt giving it's signature complex flavour.

Grand Papa too comes in a number of different incarnations. We love thinking up different versions and seeing how Max Rock puts them onto the cans! 


The 8 different malts provide a complex and flavoursome base. Expect peanut, biscuit and rasin. With the delicious addition of sweet, creamy caramel. Slightly fuller mouthfeel than Papa, and a satisfying boozy hit. 


Papa was one of our original designs by the formidable Max Rock. He's conjuring this mysterious dark nectar from his pot. Grand Papa sees him a little older and more worn, but just as magical!


Vegan Friendly

Ingredients: barley, wheat, oats, hops, yeast

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