A Brewery In Nottingham

A Brewery In Nottingham
Authored By Totally Tapped

So what’s it like to be a brewery in Nottingham? Well let me tell you! There are loads of reasons being in Nottingham is great. But here are my top three….

The Nottingham Brewing Community

What can I say about these guys? The level of support offered as a Brewery in Nottingham from our counterparts is, I feel, unparalleled. We absolutely without a doubt would not be here if it weren’t for our Nottingham brewer friends. In my early brewing days I volunteered at Magpie Brewery. These lovely chaps helped us massively with setting up Totally Brewed and provided a venue for our launch. We are forever indebted to them for their kindness and support. Castle Rock Brewery have also supported us since our inception. They purchased our first pallet of casks, which was a massive deal for us when we started. Their pubs have continued to support us to date which has given us a massive boost. In our first few years they awarded us Best New Brewery and Best Brewery in consecutive years which also propelled us along our beery way.  Castle Rock’s consistent dedication to supporting small local breweries is not only admirable. It has been vital to the survival of some and the success of many.

As a brewery in Nottingham we have access to a massive skills, equipment and even ingredient pool. Breweries work collaboratively, if we ever run out of malt, or I miscalculate hop quantities (whoops!), I know I can call on another Brewery in Nottingham for help and visa versa. Advice, experience and expertise is shared freely and with no competitive edge. There seems an innate understanding that together we are stronger, and that’s a really special thing to be a part of.

Our Awesome Independent Pubs and their Customers

Nottingham has long been known for it’s thriving night life. At one point we had the highest concentration of pubs in. the. World! That’s one excellent accolade in my view!  As a brewery in Nottingham we’re lucky enough to have secured a regular slot on a number of independent pub bars in the city.  From the Poppy and Pint in Ladybay with it’s popular community, family friendly vibes, The King Billy in Sneinton and it’s awesome rooftop beer garden or the Old Angel in Hockley with its varied live music and spectacular vegan menu. They all show a massive amount of support for breweries in Nottingham and we cannot thank them enough for that.

We also need to mention our own brewery tap, Totally Tapped in Beeston. Seriously our customers here rock! I mean, we knew that already even before the Covid nonsense. But boy have they stepped up to the plate. We are incredibly lucky to be part of the Beeston and Nottingham community and will always remember the support we have had, and that we would not be here without this diverse, awesome bunch of people!  

Nottingham CAMRA

Again, these guys were a key part of our set up and ability to flourish. We got endless vital advice from senior members who were incredibly helpful when it was clear we were super green to many of the procedures and protocols. As a brewery in Nottingham it’s a rite of passage to attend the Robin Hood Beer Festival. We started off our first year on the main run with 1000s of other breweries and beers, and have progressed from there to run our own stand. We love the atmosphere at the beer festival and cant wait for it’s return!

If I’m honest, I cant imagine a better city to be brewing in…. Nottingham rocks!

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