Totally News – We’re Nearly Seven!!

Totally News – We’re Nearly Seven!!
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Come the middle of April we will be a whole 7 years old! Like our own 5 and 6 year old boys, we’re a bit miffed we cannot have an Avenger’s themed blow out with our mates, but we’re sure we’ll find some way to mark the occasion! Watch this space for more info! 

We’ve Had Our 700th Brew Day!

That’s right, we cant believe it either! We couldn’t have done it without the support of our lovely customers so it’s thanks to you guys we have come this far. As it’s a milestone brew we thought we’d make a big deal out of it. And bloody hell have we!? We’ve put a monster amount for black treacle and golden syrup into this one off imperial stout.


Now you know we like our adjuncts and do not shy away from a crazy flavour combo, but this time, we’re letting the malt speak for its self. With a blend of base malt, 2 varieties of chocolate malt, Dark Munich Malt, Crystal Malt, Roasted Barley and Oats. This beer is set to have a super complex base of biscuit, chocolate and raisin. A hint of coffee rounds of the mix, all covered is a sweet, creamy caramel molasses. We literally cannot wait for this beer to be ready! It’s due out of tank 8/4 and will be available in can w/c 19/4. We’re canning half of it and barrel aging the rest for an extra special Christmas this year!!


More Papa Coming At Ya!

As if we didn’t have enough stout news, we have more Papa coming out of tank w/c 29/3. This time we’ve gone for chocolate orange! Trust us, it tastes delicious! All the complexity of Papa with a chocolatey, zesty finish. Once again Max Rock had totally aced the can art. Cans and minikegs will be available next week!

Where We’re Going We Won’t Need IPAs Offer…

We still have a few more cans of this guy… Honestly, I hadn’t realised it had run out on the webshop, so it was unavailable for a while when it shouldn’t have been! (Too. Much. On!) So it’s back with 30% discount on 6 and 12 packs! Get it while you can! I promise I’ll keep a closer eye on stock this time!

What’s Coming Up:

We’re upping our number of weekly brews gradually and have lots of beer at various points of readiness. We wanted to make sure you guys are totally up to date with what’s coming out and when so here is what’s brewing!

What We’re brewing this fortnight

Luck Dragon

4 Hopmen of the Apocalypse

Papa Oreo

Grand Papa Jam and Coconut

Grand Papa Fudge Sundae


Beers Currently In Tank

Available to buy w/c (approx.)

Crazy Like a Fox


Guardian of the Forest


Papa Chocolate Orange


700th Brew – Imperial Stout



And that’s it folks! We’d love to know what you think about our up and coming brews! Let us know what you think!

Cheers! Rob

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