Director & Marketing

What is your job role? How long have you been there?

This is a trickier question than it really should be! I do a little bit of everything really. I’m responsible for all the social media and marketing for the brewery and webshop and taphouse. I manage orders on the webshop and am the point of contact for queries. I help Rob look at the bigger picture with strategy and planning.

Every week I help out with the canning process. I also do some of the book keeping. I’ve been here since the beginning. As Rob’s wife, it was difficult not to get involved!

What’s the best and worst part of your role?

Best: Chatting to and engaging with customers and endeavouring to provide a great service! We have been pretty wholesale based before Covid, so it’s been really nice to interact direct with the end customer far more frequently.

Worst: Canning day. Without a doubt! It’s great in summer when we can have the doors open and the sun is out. In winter however it’s brutal. Standing in super chilled beer in a freezing brewery – with no heating. Then plunging your hands and super chilled cans into even colder water before handling them again for packaging.

I have no idea how our fingers are still attached.

What is your spirit animal and why?

Probably an intellectually challenged octopus. I need to keep lots of areas going independently, but often without a logical plan, or idea as to why or when. I think it’s a curse of being a parent too.

Favourite work Tunes?

Any kind of rock or grunge from the 90’s. I discovered Foo Fighters around 10 years ago, and they were my new favourite band for a long time!

Favourite beer style?

IPAs between 5.5 and 7% I find anything weaker is a bit thin, and anything stronger is a little too much either in alcohol flavour, or actual alcohol.

Quick fire round:

Tea or Coffee? Tea! I’m the only one who likes it here… still make the unnecessarily complex pour over coffee for everyone else though!
Cat or dog? Dog (Fuggles Rules)
Cobra Kai or Miagi Do? Cobra Kai
Lost or Found? Completely, totally and utterly lost
Red pill or blue pill? We were clearly drunk when we thought up these questions.

Ginny at Totally Brewed
Ginny Witt - Founder and Director of Totally Brewed in Nottingham.
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