The Barrel Chapters - Imperial Stout 4 Pack


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Verse I - Cherry Bourbon - 12.5%

For the first iteration of this year's barrel aged beers, we have taken our thick and chocolatey imperial stout base and aged it in bourbon barrels for 12 months with sweet and sour cherries. The result is a delicious mix of cherries, chocolate and bourbon backed up by notes of oak, vanilla and dried fruit.
Verse II - Triple Vanilla - 12%
For the second iteration of this year's barrel aged beers, the imperial stout base has been aged, straight up, in bourbon barrels again. The resulting beer has then been treated with a massive dose of Madagascan vanilla pods before packaging. This beer is pure decadence. Huge vanilla flavour is backed up by even more vanilla from the barrels, marrying perfectly with the thick and chocolatey stout. Chocolate cake in a glass!
Verse III - Banana & Coconut - 12.5%
For the third iteration of this year' s barrel aged beers, we aged our imperial stout base in brandy barrels with loads of sweet banana. The resultant beer was then treated with loads of toasted coconut. Waves of banana, coconut and chocolate are backed up by lovely notes oak and subtle spice. All with a reassuring brandy warmth. Total indulgence.
Verse IV - Apricot Brandy - 13%
For the final iteration of this year's barrel aged beers, we got hold of some delicious apricot brandy barrels. They smelt so good that we decided to age this one with no adjuncts, letting the base ingredients speak for themselves. Layers of thick and creamy chocolate work perfectly with this unique brandy giving notes of vanilla and subtle fruity spice. Boozy, but in a really good way.
All are vegan friendly
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