4 Hopmen of the Apocalypse 5.2% IPA


Beer by Totally Brewed

99.9% Customer Satifacton


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Our flagship IPA.... and with good reason! If it weren't  for this recipe, Totally Brewed would probably never have existed. As a long time homebrewer, Rob entered what would become 4 Hopmen into a national homebrew competition in late 2012. It won! Yeay! Having been thinking about going pro for a while, this gave him the nudge he needed to go for it!


The blend of 4 hops in this beer create notes of orange blossoms and pine. Light gold in colour and with a west coast bitterness. This is a satisfying pale that keeps you coming back for more! 


The 4 hopmem represent the 4 hops in the beer. This was our first can design, one we still love. The Hopmen went on to become our early logo. We think the barley horse is a particular stroke of Max Rock genius!! 


Vegan friendly

Ingredients: barley, wheat, hops, yeast

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